Life is full of love and happiness only if we have a heart to feel and a mind to perceive. A simple thank you or a smile can make a person’s day and gives a boost to their self-esteem. If pondered upon then even amidst the gravest of situations in our life, we can still find a number of things and people for which we are truly grateful and for such people we must show our GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is not just a word. It’s a plethora of feelings and immense respect which we have for the person for whom we are grateful. It must be incorporated into our lives as a way of living and we must show it to everyone whether they are our kith and kin or complete strangers.

We all our on a journey on this planet for a limited time then why not make the most of it by living wholeheartedly, by sharing love and warmth with each other.

Appreciating the efforts of everyone by saying THANK YOU for everything they do for us whether they are our house help, driver or even our colleagues, it uplifts their mood instantly and make them feel valuable. Whenever I reciprocate to my driver’s morning greetings with a smile, his eyes start beaming with satisfaction and his SELF-ESTEEM gets a boost.

Admiring the courage of all those who went beyond their call of duty in accomplishing their assigned work deserves praises. For instance, an employee who worked day and night to prepare a presentation for getting a tender deserves an appreciation from the management as it will help him work better and his CONFIDENCE will also increase on seeing his hard work getting accolades.

Praising a person for his dedication towards his work. Telling someone that you admire their approach towards life. Listening to someone without interrupting rather than mere hearing when they are narrating something is also a sign of gratitude.

Not only it enhances the level of POSITIVITY in our life, but it also improves the level of confidence in the person whom we have shown gratitude. Being grateful in life for everything that we have and showing gratitude to all who touches our life in their own ways are the two biggest things we must do for living a peaceful and content life.

Never ever hesitate when it comes to show gratitude. Make it is an attitude of your life.


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