Someone calls you, messages you after a long, long time.  It might be an acquaintance, an old friend, a relative.  You are surprised because you didn’t give that acquaintance or relative your number or you weren’t in touch with that person since years. You are happy to hear from that person.  He/she says, “Hi!  Remember me?  Its so good to connect with you after so long.”  You smile and ask about his/her well being and whereabouts.  After some casual conversation you hear or get a message, “Hey listen!  I needed your help.”  You listen out and try to help that person, sometimes you are successful in helping, sometimes you are not.  That person all of a sudden vanishes.  No thanks, no more calls or messages.  Sounds familiar?

It happens with all of us.  When we are younger, we feel bad, feel hurt by the selfish behaviour, but over a period of time, with maturity, you start realizing that in this world 95% of people belong to this category.  I am a blogger and I have written for a lot of people, forums, tried to help them when they were starting out, didn’t charge anything, just did out of goodwill.  But for months never heard back from them.  No, I don’t want anyone to call me or message me daily, but don’t message just because you need a favour and then forget.

Humans are not use and throw plastic plates or cups.  They are living beings with emotions.  You might not expect anything from anyone but many a times selfish behaviour amazes me!  How easily can people do that!

Remember life comes to a full circle.  Never take any person’s help or goodwill for granted. 


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