The heading of my article sounds strange right?  But it’s true..according to Indian parents and elders, our young ones and the youth, should remain strictly asexual until they get married. Not just in their body but in their minds too!  Sounds unbelievable, right?

We Indians have a big issue with the word sex and talking about it with kids is a big no-no for the parents.  “Kids bigad jaenge”…that’s what they say.  A kid who is going through puberty has the biggest hormonal surge and change.  But strangely Indian parents turn a blind eye towards it.  They try to distract them with sports, extracurricular activities and so on, which is good and important, but hormones and various questions about body, sex and sexuality cannot be ignored by doing all of this!

Parents forget their own adolescence.  They also went through the same things.  In our time, we could hardly talk to our parents about these issues.  Any kid who tried to ask about it was labelled as “bigdata jaa raha hai” kid!  Ironically, the same Indian parents can happily push their kids into arranged marriages and believe that at the age of 25 acceptance about sex, body and sexuality should come easily to to them. They forget that the conditioning of 25 years doesn’t wash away in one day!

Talking to the kids openly actually helps them a lot.  They do not gather half-baked knowledge or watch unnecessary stuff.  They do not indulge in harmful sexual acts or in the extreme cases commit crime. 

A country with the second largest population in the world is still wary about imparting the right knowledge to their kids.  Parents can give “gyan” about many things except about sex and our body.  They do not feel shy when their kids are sexually abused or molested.  They feel angry and depressed when the kids are caught watching porn or asking about condoms or sex.  They feel hesitant to broach about this very vital topic with their growing-up children.

It’s the age of internet, where children can read a lot of stuff and watch a lot of things at the click of a button.  Your adolescent kids have hormones, those hormones work!  Don’t believe that your kid is asexual, or those hormones can be suppressed by rebuking or ignoring.  Guide them, talk to them, show them the right path, help them like you always have.


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