Mommy Blogger Brigade- Influencing One Opinion At A Time

When I started writing, almost two years ago, people would be curious, some were appreciative too. But the moment I would mention the word ‘blogging’, I was met with many a skeptically raised eyebrow. “Ah… so you are a mom blogger?” I would also smell a hint of derision in the tone, sometimes bordering on insult. Or was I imagining? Maybe…

Still green behind the ears, I didn’t quite understand what the term meant and would nod a hesitant affirmative in reply. I assumed that since I was a blogger and a mom anyway, hence I technically qualified for the tag ‘mom blogger’.

It was only later, when I stumbled on the parenting websites, that I realised what the term actually meant and entailed. I joined those websites and have gone on to become one of the top bloggers of a wonderful and hugely successful website. That is something I am quite proud of and as you can see, it’s something I like to flaunt too.

Even though I have understood what being a mom blogger means, unfortunately the people around still haven’t.  I still come across similar reactions from people and I wonder why they tend to look down upon the ‘mommy blogger brigade’. Why are they written off so casually as if they are a bunch of bored ladies who with nothing better to do, take to the smartphone and type away merrily?

It irks me when people say, “Oh mum bloggers just get together at a fancy place, gossip, click pictures and pose with products they endorse,” as if these women are just faff and fluff.

On the contrary, I’d say that parenting websites and Mum bloggers are much more than that. These online forums are offering women platforms to find their voice and express themselves. Even if some of them appear as random rantings, it’s in fact an effective venting out mechanism.

And the ones who read these blogs come from various strata of the society. Some seek validation, some advice and some are just looking for solace… a space to go to, where they are not judged or questioned.

A lot of socially relevant stuff is discussed via these blogs. For those who think these sites are meant for men and mother-in-law bashing, I’d sincerely request them to look closely. There is a pot pourri of topics to pick and choose from. Feminist writing, gender equality, gender neutral parenting, single parenting, learning disabilities, parenting special children being just a few of them.

If they make money or earn some fame out of endorsements, what’s the harm in it? Why is it looked down upon? No one questions the celebrities when they flash their pearlies to peddle hair oils and dant manjans. They rarely, if ever, use that stuff and mouth things they don’t mean and yet charge a bomb.

On the contrary, most bloggers that I know, are very careful in choosing the brands they want to be associated with. They seem to take it seriously and understand the implications of their words.

Being a mommy blogger calls for hard work and commitment. They deserve respect and attention for what they are doing. May their tribe prosper as they sit and write day after day and try to influence one opinion at a time.

Dr. Shivani Salil

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  • H C Verma

    As far as parenting is concerned,it is a dual responsibility.Why don’t some dad bloggers take initiative to write on parenting.Even the websites dedicated to this aspect should be neutral.

    • The Wonder Women World

      We agree! And we welcome dads to share their perspectives! We have some men who have agreed to write before and we are always looking out for opportunities to get more of them onboard!

  • Priyanka

    A very nice article, you have covered all the points gracefully.


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