I am Ginee Wadhawan and this is my story.

I was working in a US corporate education institute for 17 long years and two years ago, l resigned from my position of Marketing Head, Asia Pacific . I left to be with my father who was suffering from a serious illness. During my work tenure I met so many people, traveled to many places and realized that there is so much to teach and learn from the world.

My father was very proud and always mentioned  “Daughters are Blessings” and everything started from there. Today, I have set up a foundation with this phrase. Being born a human is wonderful, but being created as a woman is the greatest gift of all. My goal is to inspire community members to realize their dreams through positive, effective action. My focus is on girls who are the women of tomorrow. They shape our future.

In my work with the community and its members, we come across people who have no confidence or desire to invest in their girls, so we decided someone has to take a step and educate them, empower them. There is a huge difference between those who live in big cities versus smaller ones – and we have to work very hard on those who come from modest backgrounds.

My goal is to help those who are not as privileged as I have been. Young children are faced with so many adversities now and we need to help them find the right direction and purpose in life. That is where I believe as a social activist, I can take the lead as the Government of any country cannot reach of each and every corner.

My message to you – whether you have a daughter, sibling, cousin or friend who is a girl – make them believe in themselves, encourage them at regular intervals. Don’t make assumptions about her strengths and weaknesses. Let her follow her dreams. As parents, mentors we can only make them aware of the pros and cons but we have to let them decide and go after their goals!

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