Indian society and its rules are strange!  Picture this:

“A good girl doesn’t drink, smoke or party.”

“A good girl doesn’t go out late in the night.”

“A good girl never answers back or puts forth her point in front of the elders.”

“A good girl dresses up decently.”

“A good girl obeys her parents and in-laws (even if she is unhappy herself)”.

“A good girl always prioritizes others over herself.”

“A good girl shouldn’t talk or laugh loudly.”

“A good girl marries and becomes mother at the right age.”

Across the various stages of life, at least once, most girls have heard these definitions.  In our society, a girl is “good” if she follows a certain set of rules and norms.  So many girls have had to sacrifice their voice, their dreams, their careers, their desires to prove that they are “good” girls.  Most India women are unhappy because they try to please others by subjugating their voice and desires.

Why should we raise our daughters to be docile for them to fit in the set standards of the society?  Girls should be raised with good values like compassion, love, empathy; at the same time, they should be taught to voice their opinions, not let anyone put them down, make them confident and teach them to love and prioritize themselves.

A lot of girls and women will be happier if they are taught to stand up for themselves and stop pleasing others and making themselves unhappy.

A “good” girl doesn’t mean a docile and timid girl after all!  Time to change the definition of “good” for girls and women.


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