Diagnosed with stage 4 osteoarthritis and I had lost my knees. I have no cartilage. It was a very depressing time. There was one day when I was extremely disturbed and depressed, I was lying down on my bed and asking myself, Why am I alive? I needed a purpose in my life. At that time I read a small story on internet. The story goes like this – There was a man who died and went to heaven. In heaven he met the angels at the gate who showed him around telling him that he can choose any one of the three departments here. When he went inside the first department, he saw a lot of people, working hard. He was surprised seeing why people in heaven are so busy working?  The angel told him that this was the prayer department, everybody sends over prayers. The people in this department were going through it to understand what people want.

He moved on and went to the next department. He saw that there were many large sized boxes. He was again surprised asking why are people so busy in this department? This is our dispatch department. The prayers are being sent back here. People are getting what they have asked for. May it be a big house or a small diamond ring.

He then moved onto to see the last department. Everybody was lazily sitting around here. Ah, said the man, I would like to be in this department, but before making this decision I want to know which department is this?            This is our acknowledgement department, we get the prayers, we answer them, but we are never acknowledged. We are never told by people that they have received what they have been asking for.

Reading this story made me understand, that  I only my knees were affected, but I was still alive. I see people who do not have eyes, arms, legs but they are doing fabulously well in this world, then how can I be depressed?

That one question I asked myself changed my life and that is what I want to tell all of you today. Always look for what you have. I started to look for what I have, I started being grateful for what I have. I am grateful for my kidneys, my lungs, my eyes, for the air I breathe in. Today I am standing over here healed through my gratitude and my forgiveness, and I assure you that no matter what you are going through, if you are in gratitude, then it is sure to change your life and make it more fulfilling!


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