I am a mom and yes smoke! Shocked much?

We are in 2019 and still a woman who smokes is judged!! Are we really progressive enough?

Yes I drink and smoke and I fail to understand how this can be a reason for anyone to judge me or decide if I am a good person / mother.

Smoking for women is such a taboo in our country that admitting to being a mommy who smokes raises concerns on so many levels. “Oh, your kid isn’t reading before kindergarten? Well, maybe if you spent less time smoking and more time reading to her, she would be doing just fine now!”

A woman’s character is judged harshly if she smokes. We get shocked expressions from women and men if we smoke at the smoking zones. I can practically feel a light breeze caused by people shaking their heads in disagreement when they see me smoke. Yes I am not here to say that smoking should be perceived as something ‘cool’, absolutely not. It’s a stress reliever for some, it’s a habit some cannot quit…but why should we judge each others’ vices?

How can it diminish my ability to be a good mother? As a working professional who manages her home equally well, I really do not believe that my smoking will turn my child into a teen smoker, or that my not smoking will ensure she stays away from smoking later on in life. She will make her own choices, as I have made mine. 

I admit, smoking is definitely injurious to health but definitely not a reason to judge someone or make them feel any less!

Live and let live and I am gonna go and light up #micdrop


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