My name is Divya Vachie Agrawal , and I am a Company Secretary. I love to read, write and research just about anything new that comes my way. I have a keen interest in music, art, and I believe I have a creative mindset. My favourite thing to do is to spend time with my daughter, Vachie.

Three years ago, I started a blog about Indian culture. I always dabbled with writing and one of my friends suggested I compile my work into a book. That encouraged me to publish my first e-book. Ever since, I took up blogging with passion and I chose parenting as a niche for my blog.

I strongly believe that parenting has to be done with positivity and my little angel Vachie pushed me to dig deeper and contribute massively to the lives of parents who seek a path for raising their children with a positive and jovial outlook.

Wonder Parenting is all about positive parenting. The posts are mostly based on my life experiences as a mother Vachie. For me, the process of raising children is nothing less than a wonder. Parenting is all about being patient, joyful and befriending your little munchkins. This is a part of raising them right, with the right morals and values. I also seek to boost morale and energy levels of the new parents who have started the exciting, sometimes daunting but mostly enjoyable journey of parenting.

Through Wonder Parenting, I want to spread a message to as many people as possible – “Parenting is a destination which can be reached crossing many different pathways. The idea is to be patient while you are on the way to your destination.”

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