It was the weekend and to unwind I decided to go out for some drinks and chill, to break the monotony of the long week. The thought which struck me seeing the crowd everywhere, places all filled up was how people look forward to the weekends. How we live for weekend and vacations. The wait for the FRIYAY to live our life, One Life.

We are definitely slaves to the norms of society which was built to structure our lives, to reform us from the ape like behaviour to a more humane one. Instead we now have become robots and succumbed to what we are taught.

We have lived by what we have been told, either guided by circumstances or inclinations or the way we are brought up.There is nothing new in us, nothing original. Are we second hand people?

Majority of us do not like what we do but we do it so to earn our living. Where does our happiness and peace lie? Why are we constantly thinking of running away. And run away from what, is the question? 

I feel we need to unlearn a lot of things. Be new everyday and be unapologetic about it. Love is the answer.

As the saying goes, we have “So many broken children living in grown bodies mimicking adult lives.” This stands true for all of us.

Let’s unlearn and be free!


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