Off late, I have been reading so many quotes and articles on “Raise your sons well”, “Teach your sons to do this and that”, “Boys need to be raised well as they will become someone’s husband”, etc., Point noted and yes agreed that sons need to be raised well.  Since ages, especially in Indian context, boys have been pampered and spoilt in many households.

But, haven’t you ever encountered that bitchy neighbourhood aunty who always gossips and badmouths others?  Haven’t many of us come across really bad female bosses?  Aren’t most Indian households inflicted by the saas-bahu conflicts?  Don’t we see so many women pulling each other down and using the filthiest of language in social media platforms?

So, don’t the girls need to be raised well too?  Teaching boys not to physically and verbally abuse is important and teaching girls the same is important too!  Women can emotionally abuse worse than men at times.  The scars of physical abuse are visible, but the scars of emotional abuse are not, yet both are painful.

Let’s simply raise children well.  Basic values of love, empathy, understanding others, being non-judgmental, patience needs to be taught to sons and daughters both.  Empowerment doesn’t mean being aggressive or inconsiderate. 

“Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” 


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