Our contribution to society and impact through our participation in ‘The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (TGELF)’ and future plans.

Every social cause we, Tagoreans take up, we make sure it has a lasting positive impact on society and our efforts can gain its rightful fruits for the welfare of the much needed. Through this social campaign of ours, called ‘Flawless Flaws’ on acid attack survivors, we aim at a nation free of acid/acid sale. We have been participating in a national level competition for the part 2 years called TGELF, an event organised by Harmony where students and schools from all across the city participate. 

Harmony is a unique school level international event held by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation, which brings together school students from India and overseas with the objective of searching for ethical, action- oriented leadership talent. The Fest aims at providing growth opportunities to the youth of today along by providing them a platform to discover themselves. We are participating this year as well and presenting our campaign, Flawless Flaws for the same. Watch the video that talks about what you can do to contribute to this campaign and also our proposed future plans for the year.

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