The Flawless Flaws campaign’s street plays are called ‘Nukad Nataks’ to create awareness against acid attacks.

Tagore International school, Vasant Vihar students of classes 10th to 12th have created a school’s theatre group called ‘TEAM AVAAM’ that curates plays and drama based on social causes/campaigns. These plays are made to sensitize various communities and slums on harsh issues concerning to our society. For instance, on acid attacks, these students prepare plays that they showcase during parent teacher meetings (PTMs) in schools, in bastis/slums, places like Dilli Haat, schools across the city, all the way to Kolkata as well to spread awareness on the campaign and urging #StopAcidSale or say  #NoToAcidSale.

We don’t just spread awareness but also raise funds through a lot of things like Bake sale, Art and craft, quilling stalls, photography stalls (all of this made by our students), also funds raised from uniform defaulters; all of this money is collected and donated for the post care surgery of these brave survivors. We also invite some brave survivors to our school during the annual NINAAD fund raising event we host in our school. We also sell donor passes to receive the money as funds and donations to be donated. We also work closely with ASWWF (Acid Survivors Women Welfare Foundation) and invite them to our school for the event.

The main intention of this group is to present the harsh reality of these attacks and the harm it can cause to society. It also brings about awareness in the lower strata community that doesn’t understand the implications of this dangerous drug. Watch the video to learn about our plays and their effects on society.

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