‘Flawless Flaws’ is one of a kind awareness and support campaign run by Tagore International school, Vasant Vihar students in order to sensitize society on Acid Attacks and create aid for Acid Attack Survivors. Our main aim is to eradicate the illegal sale of acid which still exists in many places including cities. We also conduct surveys on the same and report the matter to the concerned authorities. We spread awareness not just in schools but also in communities that need it the most by way of street plays, that we call ‘nukad nataks’ to describe the harsh reality and dangerous effects of acid attacks.

Our students don’t just create awareness on the subject by saying #NoToAcidSale but also raise funds for these brave survivors to meet the medical expenses/post care surgery needs. This video throws some light on what the campaign is about and how it started, also what all we’ve been doing so far. This is a less spoken and heard of social cause which we have dared to take up with our students, involving parents and teachers into this campaign as well.

We thank The Wonder Women World and Ms. Charmaine Timothy for giving us this opportunity to reach many more through this platform. Hence do share this video as much as possible. We are running this mini campaign over this week. Each day, one topic of the campaign will be covered in the form of videos that students have recorded for you. So, do remember to come back to watch it during this entire week for more about this noble social campaign. Through this medium, we urge you to be part of our campaign in whatever possible ways you can. Do leave a comment as a suggestion or query, we shall get back to you.

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