She describes herself as a wanderer, dreamer and a thinker. And we’d like to add – an entrepreneur, blogger and a cheerleader of women. Meet the very versatile Vedaprana Purkayastha.

Vedaprana grew up in Guwahati, Assam and completed her Masters in Statistics and a B.Ed. as well. Although she is currently resides in Bengaluru and loves her city, her heart belongs to her home town and takes every opportunity to promote Assam. Being an ardent saree lover, she started a venture that promotes Assamese Handloom called Veda’s in Bengaluru. In 2015, she started a group on Facebook in 2015, called The Saree Saga with the intent to promote the art of draping sarees. Veda’s is a result of the work she started doing along with this group. She knew Assamese attire was unique and special and she wanted to share with the world its significance and beauty.

It has been four years since she began working on her vision and she admits it completely changed her life! She says, “I have probably learned and experienced more in these four years than what I did in the first 33 years of my life!”

On being asked who her inspiration is, Vedaprana has a refreshingly different answer and says, “None other than me, myself! “. She goes on to elaborate,“Others’ journeys make me realise how important it is to not be bogged down by the hurdles that life throws at us but it is my own journey that inspires me the most.”

Four years may seem like a short while but when packed with life experiences and lively interactions, you are bound to come across some lessons too. Vedaprana agrees and says that she has found that there aren’t many people who will understand and support your dreams. “People will leave you at every step of life, it is the work you do that stays on with you forever…so choose your dreams wisely.” And for all the times when the going got tough, despite bring very strong she did feel like giving up but she learned to slow down, pause, introspect.

As always, I check with my wonder women if they have a special message to share and Vedaprana’s is pragmatic and practical, she says, “Follow any path – but remember, consistency is the key. And if you do things you like, you will never be bored. One day your hard work will bear fruit, just stick to it, even when giving up looks like the only option you have!”

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