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9+ age group

If you are a reader who loves subtle humour, Midnight Gang by David Walliams is a must read. The story is about a group of children who become good friends in the last place one can imagine- the children’s ward of a hospital. The hospital building itself is badly maintained and most sign boards have lost letters suggesting funny names. Everything about this hospital is bad except for the children of course, who are adorable. They know how to be happy wherever they are and have loads to tell the reader. If you are thinking how a funny tale can evolve in such a scenario, you must pick up this book to read.

In particular I loved this book for the following reasons:

  • The author does not underestimate the reader. He is honest and does not sugar coat anything.
  • Although, initially I felt that the book was taking a little time to pick up speed, there was something compelling about the story and the writing style, that made me continue. I am glad I did, as once the story picked up, it was so hard to keep it down. Fantastic suspense.
  • The author has a knack of sliding in a dose of good humour in the most unexpected places which makes reading this book even more fun!
  • This book would not have had the impact it had, but for the hilarious illustrations by Tony Ross. They have a knack of making the humour in the story coming to life which makes the whole reading experience so heartwarming.

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