“I left my job, I didn’t go out anywhere, I stopped enjoying my life because of him, and what did I get in return?”

“I worked so hard for my family, sacrificed all my dreams, didn’t spend a penny on myself, and look how ungrateful they are!”

“We do so much for our kids, and they don’t care or are thankful.”

These are very, very common remarks that we do hear from people all over.  We all have to make some sacrifices and compromises in life for ourselves, our children, our parents, our spouse, sometimes friends, but don’t sacrifice so much that you start hating and resenting the person or people for whom you are sacrificing.

Sacrifice begets expectations.  When a mother starts neglecting herself and involves her life only around her children forgetting herself, her life, her aspirations, her rest, some day she definitely will feel as if the child is thankless.  The child didn’t ask for sacrifice beyond a certain limit.  Even in case of parents, siblings or spouse one should stretch oneself only up to a certain limit.

Resentment starts when the people for whom you sacrificed for don’t appreciate you enough, give you credit, thank you, or return the favour.  You feel cheated, betrayed, used.  I have seen this in very close quarters and tried to drill sense in that person!

Help others, do your duties, but don’t overdo it!

“Don’t set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”


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