4-6 age group

This is the age group that loves colour, lots of small stories and pictures. The Colour Thief, written by Stephen Aitken & Sylvia Sikundar and illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat is a book that has a riot of colours, pictures and a beautiful short story that will definitely capture the imagination of young minds. The book is about a grouchy giant who lives in a dark cave and hates colours. He makes it a point to take away all the colours leaving everything black and white. But something that children of a village call him changes him for good. How do these innocent children change a grouchy giant? This beautiful book tells you how.

In particular, I loved this book for the following reasons:

  1. The style of writing has some rhythm to it which will enable a parent to catch the attention of young children.
  2. The illustrations are varied and extremely attractive. Once the book is opened a child will be enthralled and would be all ears to find out what happened next.
  3. The story shows how giving and sharing with others can help spread happiness.


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