“Think like a trend setter, not a trend follower” says this spirited 29-year-old entrepreneur!

Meet Jasleen Khurana, Founder of QwertyThoughts.com, a multilingual social reading, and self-publishing platform where users can connect, discuss and read a book together with other people. She says, “It is like reading a book offline in a group and discussing it with others, but with an added ability to multiply the audience and read it together with people across the world.”

Jasleen, often refers to herself as the Chief Everything Officer of her company and dons as many hats as required to run her venture. In partnership with her husband Prateek, Co-founder and CTO, who develops and hones all things technology related to the website, Jasleen has spent four fabulous years nurturing their collective vision.

Qwerty Thoughts, which started with sharing stories, poems, thoughts and articles from people across India is going strong and continues carrying forward the thought process that “Every Thought Matters” and that every story and every book is unique and should be presented to the world without any bias or judgement. Jasleen says, Its been a great journey interacting with readers, budding writers and published authors across the globe. So far, I have interviewed more than 100 authors worldwide about their books, and their writing journey.”

Jasleen is living her dream but feels that she could have started working on it sooner – she admits with a smile, “I was always a late bloomer!”. Eager to take her venture to the next level, she has a word of advice to those starting out, “Always have a long-term vision, from which the world can benefit in some way. You should always think about how your effort can make an impact on the lives of others and improve things in the world. There are so many people trying to follow others without cause or just for short term goals. But you should think like a trend setter, and not a trend follower, if you want to do something different!”

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