Journeying through the myriad alleyways of life
I found myself in a graveyard
Proclaiming epitaphs…
And soon I was laying flowers, lighting candles
On those tombstones
Coffins buried deep beneath the bowels of the earth
Each telling a different story of love and loss
Of milestones crossed
And broken dreams that had perished
On my way to the final destination…

Nightfall was just a few minutes away
I could see the raging halo cool down
Into a more soothing flaming orange
And as it sank down the distant horizon
The sky singing lullabies to it to sleep
For me everything seemed raw and bland
The final destination a million light years away…

The tears fell fast… An uncontrolled sobbing
As I carefully arranged flowers on each grave
Every dream was special in its own way
Sacrificed perhaps for the greater good…
But I missed all of them – terribly
The moments of the past that wouldn’t ever repeat themselves
Things that would never be the same
And stories that I would never ever tell…

And in the heart of hearts I knew
The biggest epitaph was yet to be planted
When I would reach the end of my journey
Through those dark tunnels
And at the end of it all
Find light…
When I would be free of all encumbrances
Alone atop the lighthouse
Awaiting the final judgement
When I would perhaps have lived life to the fullest…

Soon the stars were winking down at me
And the Moon smiled benignly
The candles now burning low…
I knew it was time to move through those graves
Venturing towards the unseen
And on the way add more epitaphs…
Many more sacrifices to make, let go of the dear and beloved
I knew I had taken up the mantle
And now it was my duty to make it to the finish
But all the same,
I wish there was a way to mend broken dreams…

Hell yes, there’s a way after all
And it’s the emotions that course through my veins
Finding meaning in my scribbles
Yes, I will go revisiting those thousand tombstones
And write a thousand poems – one for each
And maybe more…
Those epitaphs too
I will turn into poetry
For poetry is immortal
It has the power to take you across the spectrum of time
Poetry will resurrect all those moments
And I shall live them all over again
Weeping into crotchets of memory,
I shall let the tears drip on my poems
Let the ink be smudged
And write all over again
For the alchemy of verses has mysterious powers

Yes, I shall go revisiting those nostalgic hotspots again and again
And continue to pour out my verses
For poetry alone is salvation
I shall weep, and yet smile through those tears
I shall grieve
Yet, in mourning I shall pen down more pages of poetry
Until grief just becomes a distant memory
Until poetry has run dry all my tears

The stars may continue twinkling
Or Dawn may break through the ivory horizon
I will continue writing poetry
Playing with words, joining, rejoining, reassembling like Lego
I shall scribble over the walls,
On the glass window panes
Until poetry metamorphoses into the elixir of life
I shall do this – today, tomorrow and every day that follows
Scribbling verses in my solitude
Until in poetry I find my catharsis…

©® Inara

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