I am a mom blogger and share my experiences on various groups.  It’s been almost 9 years now that I have been doing this.  In this long span, I have had many moms approach me personally.  Some have wanted to consult me regarding their problems, some have appreciated me, and then there have been many moms who have confided in me and vented out during their bad days when they had no one to speak to or understand them.  Being in the virtual world, all I could do was give my emotional support and try to ease their pain.  There have many of those moms who have thanked me for giving emotional support during their bad days, even though we were complete strangers.  Then there have been moms who have completely ignored, forgotten, and blocked me when they had their good days, completely forgetting the fact that I stood by them during their bad days.  Many of them have badmouthed me too!  No, I don’t seek any praise or validation because it’s a very human thing to do, do support someone who is distraught or in pain, and I will continue doing it.  But badmouthing or completely forgetting that person who stood by you in your bad days is not what is expected either.

I believe human nature is like that.  I have seen my parents being side-lined by those very people for whom they did a lot and supported them in their bad days.  I come across so many people who are disillusioned by the so-called friends and relatives, whom they helped during their bad times, who have backstabbed or badmouthed them.

Let’s not do that please.  Let’s be more thankful for the good people around us, for the people who support us, help us, stand by us without expecting anything in return.

Always remember “People who make you feel better about yourself when you are sad are so important.”


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