“If you see something beautiful in someone, Speak it” ~ Ruthie Lindsey

We live in a world where we hear lots of negative words which try to pull us down rather than the words of encouragement and positivity. Imagine a world which is completely filled with inspiring words, compliments, gesture of kindness, spreading full of positive vibes or motivating each other to realize their dreams. Woah ! That will be at its best and it’s possible only if people started to realise the power of words which he/she possess. Words are merely enough to brighten up someone else’s day even in the midst of their storm. It may be “just” a word for you, but it may mean the “world” to them.

I started realising the importance of words when I came across people who discouraged me. Being a sensitive girl, it was like anything and everything may hurt me easily. It is at that point I realised and tried to give my best to people and help them out with the power of my words. I made it to be sure it will only strengthen them and make them feel better about themselves. 

There are lot many people who find it hard to give compliments to others. Does it cost a penny when you tell others about the beautiful things you see in them?  You will never know how it changed someone’s life or even saved a life. So, whether it may be words of compliments, a small gesture of kindness or even a smile, make sure you don’t let the thoughts stop within yourself. Each one are fighting their own battle in their life, so be kind enough with your words. It only takes a second to express but your beautiful words will remain in their heart forever. If the words are that powerful then start using it to blossom one’s life and use it for a good deed rather than hurting or letting others down. Try to magnify the strength in others and not their weakness.

What are you still waiting for? Just speak out, it is that simple! 

Final year student in Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai

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