“I do not believe in regret, but I do believe there may come a time we look back and feel like we could have done something differently. Take the learning, but also remember that it was probably the right decision you given the circumstances”

She’s practical and positive and she’s Hira Mehta, a multi-facet 63-year-old who has a refreshing take on age. She says, “Even though everyone screams themselves hoarse saying age does not matter, I beg to differ, because it did, when it came to me after retirement. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places because apart from the entertainment industry I never did get to fulfil my passion to teaching soft skills and sharing my expertise in handling annual reports even though I am an expert proof reader with a very critical and keen eye for detail. I love to interview celebrities and always wanted to host a talk show, but hey, I am definitely going to get there one day.”

Hira retired in 2012 after 38 years as a Corporate Communications Manager with a leading Indian bank. She was not ready to hang up her boots and immediately started looking for freelance work in writing, acting and hosting events. It was not long before she started to receive several freelance projects.

On being asked what makes her feels accomplished, Hira went on to share several achievements from publishing “Twisted Tales and More..” and a non-fiction “Young and Sixty” a conversational journey she has with the readers, acting in several short films and winning an award for her portrayal in one,  spearheading the initiative to raise awareness on Dementia & Alzheimer’s, directing a short film, championing the empowerment of women via her forum called Arunima, and hosting events…the list goes on, but there are two that are very close to her heart – despite financial constraints and apprehension, supporting her son in his dream to become a pilot and being invited back to as a consultant to her former organization to help create an in-house museum product (of all the historical photos and audios since the banks inception).

Even though she believes that age does matter, Hira says it is up to you to condition your mind to not let age interfere in your dreams. She says, “I am not shy to scream hysterically or dance at live music shows or even dance in the rain, I even cry while listening to my favourite songs or when I watch a beautiful performance. I love social media and enjoy clicking selfies and belief in living life to the fullest.”

Her mother who is her biggest inspiration is who she misses the most. She believed in living life to its fullest and is clearly where she gets her zest for life and chutzpah from.

Hira has a message for all the fabulous women reading this, she says, “God clearly says to me that I have charted your life and the end of the road leads straight to me, but he has never said I can’t choose my path or take a new road to change my destiny. So, tweak expectations for yourself, continue to dream as there is no need to run the race all the time. Close doors you need to, but always keep the window partially open for opportunity to enter.  I just hope that my sharing will help you to look within and free that dream tucked away in the corner of your heart, so that tomorrow morning, when you look at that face in the mirror and ask what it wants , you can take that leap of faith…”

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