During our time, we didn’t have the concept of playgroup and nursery especially in smaller towns.  So, my siblings and I started our education directly from KG 1.  We lived in a very small town where there were no fancy schools and only 2-3 schools and all the kids from all walks of life went only to those schools.

Kindergarten school was run by an affable Malayali couple, Mr. and Mrs. Koshy.  It’s been so, so many years still I remember their faces and of course their lovely nature.  It was not even a proper school rather it was a small room rented with a blackboard and few desks and benches.  My siblings and I started our education from that very school.  With very limited resources and reasonable fees, the Koshy couple taught the kids with immense love.  They treated every child as their own.  All of us kids enjoyed the way he taught with love, played with us, took care of us.  The parents didn’t have to worry once they left their kids under the couple’s care.

Without wanting to generalize, I notice we now have so many fancy playgroups and schools but somewhere the warmth is missing.  The schools have lots of facilities, toys, activities and yes, they charge a bomb but not many teachers have the warmth of Koshy sir.  I wouldn’t blame anyone, times are different now.

One thing I have learnt over the years, with my experience as a parent, little kids don’t need a lot of fancy stuff, be it in school or home, they need loads of love, attention, care and warmth.


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