No matter what we seek in life, our mind chases happiness at the end of it all. Happiness is the key to human existence even though it remains
elusive most of the time. It sneaks through the doors of our heart and
mind without knocking and leaves without notice most of the time.

As with everything else – it is impermanent and momentary unless we
learn to hold it longer. Sometimes just soaking in the beautiful sunshine,watching sunsets / sunrises, walking barefoot by the sea, singing songs of love, writing poetry… give us immense happiness besides name, fame and money. Real happiness is felt within. Every one surely dies one day, but does every one live in the real sense?

Each one of us has a calling or purpose and once we figure that out we
can be happy not only when we reach the destination but also during the
journey. Real happiness is a state of mind, of relative relaxation and generally feeling good about life.

After having spent a precious five decades on this beautiful planet with a mixed bag of experiences, I personally look for acts which give meaning to my existence and make me happy from within. Some of the very
simple acts sometimes leave us with a truckload of happiness. The
meaning of happiness changes with time and age….Here is happiness in
my own words…

As I go hunting for happiness
wonder how the things
I craved for deeply once
lie untouched as of now
And all I do is to give them away
Thinking they will make someone happy
In turn get my happiness in abundance
While also following my passion.

I seek my happiness through my quests, how do you seek yours?


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  • Ruchira Sinha

    Lovely lines, as always👌❤ You have a wayewith words.
    Indeed happiness seems to at times be an ever-moving target and other times right within our reach. Either ways, it’s often a choice!☺❤


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