Talk love. Know love. Accept love.

All this girl friend and boy friend business is total bogus.

How many of us have grown up hearing this? Rings a bell? Familiar?

Even if not overtly, but there was always an undertone of such a warning in my home when I grew up. It was never seen in a healthy way that a love affair can do any good to anyone. It was something that needs to be stopped and admonished. Kill at the onset. Warn. Rebuke. Blackmail.

While I agree that many a times, it becomes imperative for parents to step in as they can see that the consequences could be difficult. But even in a larger and more macro context, it is always a thing to be ashamed of, and so is brushed under the carpet.

I wonder why? How loving a person can be a deterrent?

This topic can always be debatable. Mindsets are different. And a lot of parents see it is distraction at a young age and nothing more. But in reality is that always true? I mean isn’t it that falling in love is also something that can be a game changer in your life in all the positive manner. Can’t it be a beautiful experience that can make you a wonderful person.

It can.

Today, when I read that the UPSC topper openly thanked his girlfriend for his success, I smiled. I was more than happy and he could spell his parents and his love in the same breath. He could say it aloud and clear that her presence was significant. And, honestly, if there is anyone who is needed to be thanked for this, is indeed his parents. Because there has been acceptance. There has been a dialogue.

And that’s exactly what we need.

Talk love. Know love. Accept love. Just that.

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