I died a year ago
Only to arise like a Phoenix from the embers
And today as I mourn the anniversary of my death
I celebrate the birth of a new “Me”
And yet fear looms large
Like an invisible fume you don’t see
Surrounding me, threatens to ignite in my face Today life stands divided, death partitioned
Many parts of one puzzle – dismemberment, triumph, tragedy
The saga has continued over this year – Aphelion perihelion shifting stands Once a season of trust, innocence and hope
Now a gloom of vengeance, retribution, dank suspicion, hooded conspiracies Ridding myself from the yoke of expectations and allegations Is it actually a triumph? Life is no longer an adversary
Rather now it’s my twin
As I pass may fingers over my rugged shadow
I ought to glorify in this second coming Resist being broken again by the world that’s long since forsaken me
Through an invisible surgery performed by the knife of demand and deception Moving under the numbing anaesthesia of fear
I must free myself from those invisible chains that bind me to perfection And proclaim that in this life by design I am beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect!

(c) Samrudhi Dash (Inara)

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