The girl was all of ten, but her face had a frown often. The mother failed to understand. The girl screamed, made faces, hurled abuses and looked devilish at times. Mother felt frightened at the very sight. She ran amok. Uncontrolled freak, if I can say. She cared a damn. There was none, it seems she loved or cared. She spit venom. She lashed like a caged lion. Frustration and anger galore. Insolence, unbound. She behaved like anything, but a child. The mother knew not what to do.

She yearned for help here and there. She didn’t know what made her do this. What was wrong, and why perhaps.

And then, there were days when she was an angel. Her smile was the sunshine of the day. Her love saw no bound. Her words soothed her mother’s ached soul. She cared as if she was born to do that. She made all the moves that made her a loved soul. That she was a lovely child of this world. She loved and spoke with softness not known to many.

The mother wondered why? What happens to my little child? Why she behaves so wretched at times? And where did I fail as a mother? Her tears never stopped, as her heart fluttered uncontrolled. She ran here and there, pillar to post but in vain. She never got an answer. You know why? Because she never knocked where all the answers lay confined.

One night, curled up away from her sight, she pondered. In silence, she knocked her heart. She whispered slowly, what was it that she was missing out on? What was it that she couldn’t lay her fingers on? What was it that she couldn’t see through her eyes wide open?

The heart then said to the lonely mom with a calming voice….. Isn’t it, that a child is a reflection of her mother’s mind?


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