Madhumita Sinha

What do vacations do for you?

I call myself a travel addict ready to pack my bag for any vacation short/long. In India / abroad, summer / winter anytime / anywhere. When people ask me why – I don’t have just one answer and sometimes I go blank because it’s difficult to explain. But from my innumerable travels I feel, taking a break from the routine is the number one reason. To relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

Touching the shores of Mumbai (yesterday morning), coming back from a cruise I am feeling great and ready to take on my routine from today with renewed energy for sure.

What further prolongs is the continued good feeling whenever I look back at the amazing photos of me taking long walks along the sea, soaking in sun and sea breeze, the instagrammable sunsets / sunrise and nature around….As a poet /author I get my me time to pen my thoughts or to weave stories sitting in solitude away from the hustle bustle of life. The good memories work as elixir for life…here’s what when through my mind…read it and I ask you…vacations do all this and much more for me what does it do to you my friends?

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