When the movie Gully Boy was released, many people commented on how MC Sher played by Siddhant Chaturvedi had overshadowed the main lead Ranveer Singh in many scenes.  No doubt Siddhant acted really well, but that’s how MC Sher’s character was supposed to be; boisterous and confident.  Ranveer Singh’s character on the other hand was supposed to a boy who lacked confidence, was sad, angry, and quiet.  That was a damn good acting by Ranveer Singh because an actor like him who is usually over the top, brimming with confidence was playing a quiet and diffident character here.  That’s where his acting skills shone.  It was not that he was not at par with the character of MC Sher.  It was how their characters were supposed to be and hence both the actors acted really well in their respective roles.

Isn’t that how we perceive understatement in real life too?  Isn’t the quiet studious child overshadowed by the street-smart, funny, loud kid in the class?  That boisterous child is presumed to be the confident one whereas the introverted child to be not so smart kid.

When we look around us, there are men and women who might lack skills or talent but are good at selling themselves or design ideas to make their presence felt.  A talented, simply dressed, less talkative person might not get that much attention.  I am not generalizing but that’s a fact.  An introverted or understated person has to prove their worth to get recognized.

Understatement necessarily does not mean diffidence and being boisterous or loud doesn’t mean confidence.  But what we see is what we perceive.  This is another aspect of human nature.


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