We are privileged.
When I look around, I truly feel I am privileged. Just that the desires in our hearts are ceaseless. Even though I grew up in a modest environment, still life bestowed upon me several such blessings, that I held dear. And I still hold.

But, that, and I realised when I grew up, is not so easy. There are scores of children out there who don’t have anyone to call their own. They are brought up mercifully. If goodness prevails, they will be nurtured by some good Samaritan, and if not, then God save the child.

I always felt, and saw the same in many of my friends too, an urge to ‘GIVE BACK’. It needn’t be anything big or luxurious. Even small little gestures can do wonders.

When my friend asked me to write this the other day as to what I would like to give back, I had just one answer on my lips.

Big dearth, I tell you. People have become cynical. Skeptic. Shunning off. Scoffing off is like a fashion. I have seen it, even in the family. 
My daughter who is just eight years old loves her Hindi teacher. I asked her one day, “what makes you love her so much ?” And pat came the reply, “she is very kind Mumma.”

Kindness needs no language. It is there in your smile. Your touch. In the brightness of your eyes. You don’t need to lift a mountain to be kind. You just need to feel for that other person who may not have it all. 

While it is rather easy to weigh things materialistically, I will refrain. Kindness is the beginning. Because the moment we feel kind, we are giving back oodles of loves and warmth. Rest everything follows effortlessly. 
A smile. A touch. Few good words. A nod of understanding. A pat of patience. 

What else one needs, bolo?


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