“Why I love being a working mom”.  “How stay-at-home mom gives me the power.” 

“I wear makeup and its nobody’s business.” “Why I don’t wear makeup.”

“I am a proud breastfeeding mom.”  “I don’t regret bottle-feeding my child.”

“I am proud of the fact that I don’t allow my kids to use gadgets.”  “I am not guilty of allowing my kids to watch TV or use mobile.”

Every single day when I come across one such article on the internet or in the paper I cringe.  Judge me, but yes, I do cringe.  In my almost two decades of parenting, I have never justified my parenting choices or my life choices. 

Let’s face it, life is not easy for women.  They have to balance multiple roles together and everyone expects them to balance the roles without any mistakes; which is humanly impossible!  Every woman is trying her best and most women stretch themselves beyond their limit.  Women are conditioned to do so, prioritize everyone else but themselves.

On top of that when a working woman justifies herself, a stay-at-home mom justifies herself, a breastfeeding mom or a bottle-feeding mom feels “proud” of what she is doing, deep down its seeking validation.  For every choice a woman makes, there are hundreds of questions.  At every step, she is asked to justify her choice.  Might be that is ingrained so much in her DNA that even when not asked she justifies.

But in doing so, she might end up hurting the mother or woman on the other side.  When a working woman gives ten reasons why she feels working is a blessing, a stay-at-home mom might feel hurt or worthless and vice versa.

So, it is high time women stop justifying, stop seeking validation, and go on with their choices.  It might be wrong, it might be right, but whatever it is just carry on with it.  If you want to share, share your journey but without trying to prove that your journey is the right one.  Every woman, every mother has a different situation.

Women will become more powerful when they start supporting and understanding each other better.

Just read somewhere, “It is easy to spot the strong women.  They are ones lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.”

Be that kind of a strong woman.

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