Being a mother of two, anything to do with kids hits me instantaneously. I am suddenly all intrigued, focused and attentive. Whether I watch or hear some one say something – I am very observant.

The other day, while scrolling the channels of the TV, I happened to stop at a channel that was showing a dance reality show. Judges sat and kids along with their mentors perform on the stage.


The kids I saw, rather I gaped at, (and some of them were not more than 6 to 8 years), were dancing as if the world was going to end tomorrow. No seriously, the mentor was effortlessly flaunting his dexterous moves as a dancer and the little kid, all in the bid to prove ‘God knows what‘ to the world was trying everything possible on the earth to match his steps.
The kids was pushed. Pulled. Thrown up in the air. Bent precariously. And made to do stunts that could easily leave him paralysed for life or worse, if one move also goes slightly wrong. 

I look at them aghast. And what I felt even more cringe worthy is the reaction of the parents. Claps all around.

I just have one question-‘What is the hurry?’
Why it has become so imperative that a child needs to perform at this level, risking everything to make it happen. What is the problem if he does after he is a little more stronger and ready to take a call for himself?I have and always had a huge problem with kids performing in reality shows. And, what goes behind the curtains is just another story altogether.
I shudder.

Can you just imagine the pressure a child goes through when he knows that he has to perform and win to near perfection in front of scores of people out there. I mean it is beyond our imagination what that little soul goes through.

I still have no clue why this is still allowed. Why kids are made trophies. Why they cannot just learn and hone their skills. Enjoy every moment of it. And make it after they grow up a little more. I am sure they will perform far better with much more mental as well as physical strength.

Why such brutal rape of the childhood, I ask?
Every time a child goes on to the stage and performs under pressure, a death happens. Death of a happy childhood.


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