Till I fix a few things alright 
I would need some more time 
to learn unlearn the traits of this scheming world 
To be just like you sans a frown 
I will need some more time. To get better with myself 
or to love thyself more,
to heal the wounds that still bleed inside 

I need some more time
To make that first move 
Pausing the mind
Embrace you and freeze the time
Or abandon my desires letting them go 
into the oblivion never to show.
To erase all of those memories 
or keeping fractions of them buried inside 

I would need some more time
To draw conclusions 
to find my way 
to get a few answers to the questions 
hidden under the hay
to read those sacred text 
those impending books to mediate and rapture within

I need some more time
To pick up my backpack and explore alone
to leave my fears
and see the globe.
To buy a house amid the mountains.
For those unadorned desires 
I would need some more time. 

But shall I do this tomorrow, not today
I will plan this for another day 
I so want to do this-that-this 
but that too, still can wait 
let me procrastinate for a little while
What’s the hurry ?
I think I still have some more time


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