Her passion is pure yet fierce
Her eyes a blazing oasis of shimmering waters
Through her veins flows the nectar of emboldened resolve
Her mind a whirlwind of chaos, nevertheless a queer tranquil
She has lived blundering her way through the taverns of despair
And now she manoeuvres seamlessly through the dark alleyways of Hell
Her smile is alluring yet maniacal
Vulnerable yet strong, loving yet elusive
She isn’t just another woman you can woo with sweet nothings!

She is both calm and storm
Someone who can look past your eyes right into your thoughts
Having spent a lifetime turning wolves into humans,
She is no longer afraid of the Devil himself!
If you strum the chords of your violin,
She will definitely dance to the melody of its tune
Play on and she too will play along
Faster, quicker, all too expeditiously she will match up to every move you make
Luring you into a sense that you are winning the game,
She now knows how to guise her realization under a veil of innocence
Her gullibility you think is your weapon to claim her
And she simply smiles and lets you live on with the myth
Skillfully un-weaving the web you think you have trapped her in…

Oh, when will you see the truth?
Sometimes her thoughts are troubled, her conscience questioning
Whether it’s right to play along
But then the past pricks her with a reminder 
That there’s no market for emotions in this cruel cruel world…
She feels, feels your pain and looking into your eyes,
She has a wild hope deep down that you could make amends while there’s still time
And yet, the bitter reality stings – you are no better than the others…

You have planned your moves well enough
Only, you never knew she was one step ahead of you, always
Pretending that she was lagging behind 
Simply to give you the feel that the ball is in your court!
Though you haven’t realized,
Today she isn’t the girl you thought you knew so well
I wish you hadn’t meddled with her, taking her to be just another woman
Feeding her venom which she willing gulps because poison now stokes her passion
Trying to burn her heart with fictitious promises of love,
You don’t know that the fire just tickles her skin
She is broken and yet, the edges are sharp enough
To pierce, maim and cripple you

The game has continued for long enough
And before her final move, while you are all high, blinded by victory,
She raises her glass for a toast 
And now you can see a dangerous shadow creeping over her blue iris
And while you are still wondering what it’s all about,
Your black king tumbles off the chessboard with a mundane finality
As she announces in a voice of deadly calm,
“Check and mate”!

Copyright Samrudhi Dash (Inara)

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