Samrudhi Dash, who writes under the pseudonym Inara is a 27-year-old poet, novelist, editor, book reviewer and motivational speaker hailing from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

She has to her credit, four poetry anthologies The Newborn (2014, S.B. Publications, Odisha), The New Leaf (2015, AuthorsPress, New Delhi), “Dreamer’s Web” (2016, AuthorsPress, New Delhi) and Communion (2016, AuthorsPress, New Delhi) along with two novels Beyond the Horizon (June 2017, AuthorsPress, New Delhi) and Reminiscences By The Girl Who Lived (December 2017, AuthorsPress, New Delhi). Her poems and articles have also been published in over 25 national and international anthologies like MyBooks, Kalinga Creations, Shabda Publications, The Impish Lass Publishing House to name a few, e-zines like and the prestigious Reader’s Digest Magazine. She has a weekly column “Women Beyond Barriers” in a non-profit news journal Different Truths that is read globally across 90 countries. She was recently awarded the Second Prize in the Editors Contest of a book Are We Mere Spectators? published by the Impish Lass Publishing House, Mumbai.

Besides, she has conceptualized and edited an anthology Inked Thoughts published by The Impish Lass Publishing House, Mumbai in October 2017 and recently, a medical awareness anthology “No One Fights Alone”, published by NotionPress, that was launched on World Cancer Awareness, 04 February, 2019. She holds a Masters Degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi and is currently based in New Delhi, while pursuing her passion for writing along with her preparation for the Indian Civil Services Examination. Positive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm, her signature words are “Hope, Live, Believe”.

Recently she has set up a YouTube channel “Inara Speaks” which aims to touch lives, heal people suffering from depression and mental trauma and spread smiles. The link for the channel is As a part of the creative community, she believes that each one of us is unique in our own ways and that’s the most important reason to celebrate Being Yourself. Currently she is working on her seventh book, a motivational series “You Are Worth It!”

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