As I stepped into the park for a walk early on a Monday morning, the park looked deserted after a long Valentine’s weekend .What caught my attention was an old lady in her late seventies, having the time of her life swinging and singing like a giggly little girl all alone. I couldn’t stop wondering what prompted her to do so and asked myself …

‘’Have I let the child in me stay alive ‘’?

May be not. I stood at the corner and clicked a pic without disturbing her I didn’t have a heart to do that as I loved the sight .

It’s not the number of candles on our birthday cake that decides our age but the spirit in us which enjoys every moment without a reason at times. Probably if we keep the child in us alive we never grow old at heart .

So let’s liberate ourselves from being adults sometimes and get lost in the inner rhythm of our hearts, to listen to our inner child, to laugh without a reason and dream for a happy world.


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  • This is so inspiring. Indeed it is the child within us that keeps our hearts and minds younger and we are able to respond with spontaneous joy to all happy experiences of life. This spontaneity prevents us from brooding and going into a depression during tough times.


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