I seek validation.

I need to hear that I am good. I am capable. I am doing the right thing. And I am worth.

Am I wrong?

The intellectuals might say, yes you are. Because you need to just say yourself that you are good. Who the hell is the other person to stand in front of you and give your certificates.

Well, while I agree with this, I don’t completely. In my opinion, every mortal being on this earth seeks validation. Even if from that one person in his/her life. May be that is all that matters. In my case too, obviously I am not going to stand and seek validation from every passing human being. But then, every time I do something, my head turns silently to those eyes whose brightness tells me that whatever I did was good enough. 

To me validation from my chosen people is like a tonic that we give our kids to keep them healthy. These are those chosen words that gives me strength in my odd hours. These are those hands that I can hold time and again whenever I have the fear of being tripped. These pats are those assurances that I remember when the lights around me aren’t bright enough. 

While it is important to believe yourself, it is also important that I have belief in someone else’s belief in me. It helps. Life is not always fair. And we women struggle on myriad levels. Yet, we have that zeal and prowess to make it happen. In the race of making things work for us and for people around us, it is this dose of encouragement and validation that keeps me up.

You may disagree. You may say  such outside validation is fruitless. 

But to me, at least from the chosen few, these are the mighty words that helps me face the fire with a smile. 

Oh please tell me, I did a great job !


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  • VJ

    Nice way of expressing the feelings of many women! Yes, you did an awesome job! Everyone needs appreciation and recognition, whats wrong in giving it to them? They earned it. But people are not that generous to appreciate others because of their ego, or inability to do what you do…(that reflects jealousy), or they’re in their own world!

    Go girl! Rock the world, for you’re the power!

  • Ragini Chowdhury

    Being appreciated makes me do more than what is expected of me and go an extra mile. Being appreciated is one of the most uplifting feelings !
    Loved your write – up …


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