The Ides of March. A fantastic political thriller which focuses on the American presidential campaign. Directed by George Clooney, the plot revolves around Morris,(played by George Clooney), the presidential candidate and his brilliant campaign manager played by Ryan Gosling. Dirty tricks, skeletons falling out of the cupboard, temptations to snare the campaign manager are the various aspects of the film. Does Ryan Gosling change sides? Who is responsible for the young and beautiful intern’s pregnancy? Is Morris worthy of becoming president? Can Ryan Gosling continue his political career? What happens when the beautiful intern is found dead? To find out please watch this exciting thriller. You will not be disappointed.


Mary Stewart’s first novel, Madam, Will You Talk? It is a racy romantic thriller set in France. Louise and Charity are friends who go to Provence on a holiday and arrive at the charming little walled city of Avignon. At the hotel, Charity becomes embroiled ( without meaning to) in a murky mystery which includes young David , his beautiful step mother and his father who is searching for him. The suspense and tension in the story mounts rapidly and Charity finds herself in deep deep trouble at every step. Her dream holiday turns into a nightmare. And the reader participates in this nightmare with his/her heart thudding. Not a moment are you allowed to pause and feel secure. The twists and turns of this terrific tale keeps you on the edge of the seat till the very end. Do read the book if you like nail biting murder mysteries.


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