THE RAINMAKER: This movie is based on John Grisham’s famous novel. it is hard hitting film about the American insurance companies, the lack of medical care for the poorer sections of society, unscrupulous lawyers protecting unethical insurance companies, domestic violence, the underdog against the rich and the powerful, and the excellence of the American judicial system. Matt Damon as the upright young lawyer fighting for the underprivileged is simply superb as are the other actors. It was a gut wrenching film which dealt with issues relevant all over the world, especially India where good medical care is accessible only for the affluent. Do watch the movie if you care for good cinema which focuses on the divide between the rich and the poor and social inequalities.


BORN A CRIME is a scintillating experience. Apart from dealing with complex issues like Apartheid, racism, class and gender, it is a thrilling read. By the time I completed the book, I felt breathless as if I had participated in all the chase scenes in which Noah runs away from his mom’s beatings, from the police and from his violent stepfather. Trevor Noah is a true survivor. He survives terrifying incidents. And the book is about him and his courageous mother and the unique bond they share. The extraordinary memoir is hilarious, witty and dazzles us with its unnerving stories told without an iota of self-pity. A book I would love to read again and again. And a book you must read too.


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