There was a time when doing social work was believed to be work done by people who are retired or who have lots of free time.  The perception itself is totally wrong though.  There are many people in the society who work for good causes silently, day in and day out.

Women have also been frontrunners in working for social causes.  These days more and more working women or women who have taken a sabbatical from their work are doing social work.  They might not spend the entire day in this, only 2-3 hours.  But isn’t that commendable enough?

Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF) is one such organization which was started by Anubha Sharma and Beenaa Advani in 2012 to promote volunteerism for the country’s educated and socially conscious people to bridge the divide between classes.  Both the ladies had dynamic careers, but they chose to devote their life for social causes through AXF.

AXF started Free Learning Centres for socially and economically backward children through available resources.  Soon, 500 women and few retired men joined AXF and devoted their time in the social causes run by AXF.  Apart from educating the children, AXF also provides a free snack, conducts various workshops, takes the kids for fun outings, and teaches them various life skills too.  People who cannot volunteer during weekdays volunteer during weekends.

To acknowledge the contributions made by their volunteers, very year AXF celebrates their annual day known as Day of Grace.  This year the very popular band Indian Ocean will be performing on the Day of Grace.  Indian Ocean is a band that needs no introduction.  They will be performing without charging anything, only for the volunteers of AXF, to honour the remarkable work that they do throughout the year for the underprivileged children.

If a renowned band like Indian Ocean can acknowledge the awesome work done by AXF, can’t we the citizens do our bit?  Our country needs a lot of such volunteers who can contribute a lot in working towards the well being and upliftment of the less fortunate.  It also gives immense happiness and satisfaction.

Children are the future of any nation.  Let’s join hands with organizations like AXF to make their future bright.


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  • VJ

    Excellent service! Keep doing what youre doing…you’ll make a difference in those children’s lives for sure..


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