The world has changed and to be a woman today I feel it has become both liberating and challenging all at once. In terms of the expectations –  a woman is expected to be perfect at anything she takes up and excel at it. This adds a lot of pressure – self-imposed often times, but pressure it is.

Via Dream Catchers which I founded 7 years ago, I have been able to provide a platform for women to feel confident, showcase talent, come out of their inhibitions and feel young and charged again.

We have been running a series called “Runway Mom/Runway Lovers” which is a platform to walk the fashion ramp with confidence, irrespective of their age, height, size and nationality. It has been a privilege to meet women from all walks of life and backgrounds who get to fulfill their dream of walking the ramp and that too with their loved ones, children, husband or the whole family. Some women walk by themselves too. We have a holistic approach to this event and allow for enough time and opportunity for the participant to gain confidence in various aspects be it emotional, physical, mental etc., We have several women entrepreneurs who have joined our platform as “sponsors”, empowering them to reach out to a wide target audience with their products and services.

My motto in life has always been “No Harm Trying” and I feel hard work always pays. I would suggest that new entrepreneurs not get bogged down by competition and be different, notice the gap in the market and tap that. If you keep this in mind there is nothing stopping you from succeeding!

As a parting note, I would just humbly like to say …when you put others before yourself, you can never fail in life. As Maya Angelou says, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. 

My genuine appreciation of the positive in every person I meet makes them feel good about themselves and has made me successful entrepreneur and a rich in values human being. It’s a personal privilege to learn from everyone who comes into my life and I absolutely love my job!


Shalima has recently launched a Theatre Production initiative to encourage artists in Singapore from 15 nationalities in a 50 cast and crew member team of Timeless Tales-Family Theatre Festival (5 shows scheduled from 25-17 January 2019.)

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