Beauty was a young girl who loved roses. She used to live with her step sister, step mother and her father. Their abode was a beautiful, spacious bungalow. Beauty used to go to the rose garden and water the roses every single day.

 One day Beauty’s father asked her and her elder sister.

 “What do you want as a gift?”

 “Dear father, please bring me a beautiful shiny diamond”, replied the elder one.

 The father nodded his head in affirmation and turned to Beauty.

“What shall I bring for you Beauty? ”

 Beauty said, “Father, I just want a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rose.”

The father smiled and agreed.

 He told his daughters that he was heading to cut the wood and waved good-bye to them.

While he was walking down the street, he saw a stunning rose garden. He thought of plucking a rose for Beauty as she had requested for it. He plucked a lovely red color rose and but while he was plucking a he saw a beast appear. The father was shocked!! The father asked, “Who are you”?

“I am the beast. Why did you pluck a rose from my rose garden”?

Beauty’s father apologized and promised never to do this again. However, the Beast did not accept the apology and demanded that he send his daughter Beauty to him. The father has no choice but to agree to save his life.

The father said that he would send Beauty but wanted her back on the fifth day. The father went back home and informed Beauty about the situation. She agreed to go to the Beast. The next day, the Beast was standing at the gate of the castle waiting for Beauty. Soon she arrived and met him, and said good-bye to her father before entering the Beast’s castle.

Every day the Beast and Beauty had a conversation for more than an hour. During these chats, Beauty discovered that the Beast had a human side to him. Beauty loved to read books in the rose garden sitting under an apple tree. Every day while she read a book, an apple fell on her head and she picked up those juicy apples to relish them. When it was her third day at the castle, her father fell terribly sick. The beast gave beauty a magic mirror through which she could see her father.

Beauty was very angry and wanted to go to her father immediately. The Beast agreed but asked her to return the next morning. Beauty half-halfheartedly agreed and left soon. Her father was so happy to see her again and felt better. When the clock struck 9 AM the next day, she left for the castle. However, she got a little late in reaching there and was stupefied to see the Beast dead in the rose garden. She screamed, “Dear Beast, wake up I am here”. The beast didn’t respond.

Just then Beauty noticed that beside the beast was a humongous new castle which was made by him. She was amazed and mesmerized to see it. There was a small post-it stuck on the wall of the castle. It had a note written on it which said – “Dear Beauty and family, this is a castle gifted by the beast because he loves you with all his heart.” There were tears in her eyes and suddenly, the beast was gaining consciousness. She was relieved that he wasn’t dead as she had presumed. When he woke up, he smiled at Beauty and asked – “Dear Beauty, will you marry me?”

Beauty was shocked, but eventually she agreed. The next morning Beauty and Beast married amidst great celebration and fanfare. Everyone talked about how they were no match in terms of their looks but they did not care as they were connected by their hearts. Their story became so famous that there were books published on it which is read by all generations.

A talented 9 year old!

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