Here she comes
Unmasked, Unveiled
Shedding all her inhibitions
Bared, Naked
Displaying her scarred soul
To the world ,
With no fear of losing anything
After all the years of suppression
Enough is enough.

Enough of being politically correct
Masking, Hiding
Pretending, Covering
And faking
Enough is enough, she said.

Even though she was stripped away
Layer by layers
Bruised and broken
Wings being clipped
Hands being tied up
And her voice being silenced
By the so called the self proclaimed
Saviours of the society
By those who who
Dominated the women for years
But she decides not take it anymore
Suppressed for centuries
The woman in her has awaken
From deep slumber.

She now accepts every challenge
She believes in every possibility
She realizes her strength within
She knows she is no longer alone
There is a force within her
Which gives her the courage
And the women uniting together
To give strength to each other .

Eventually she lets out her rage
She roars at her predators
Breaking her silence
Shaking her shackles
Emerging out of the shell
As she wants to fly away
Without any restrictions
Without any bondage
She is finally ready to
Taste her freedom
To face the world
With courage
Displaying her scars
Which are her milestones
Speaking out loud and clear
Without any fears
Of her solo journey towards her freedom
Baring her bruises
Which are reminders that
She won’t be the same again
To tell the world
She is ready to take on life
But only on her own terms .
She says, “watch me as I come”
I am here to win every battle
I am a survivor
I am a fighter
And this is my new world.


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