Once upon a time there was a village. The village had a library, a clinic, and a church. In the village lived a poor family, the Smith family. The family had Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith and their kind daughter Ivy. They were always a happy family until one day at night when everybody gathered around for dinner; which was the last meal for normal families but the first meal of the day for the Smiths’. They did not have good food to eat but had to eat to survive. Everything was fine until the next day Mrs. Smith fell severely ill. Ivy and Mr. Smith got worried. They decided they will let her rest and see if she feels any better. The next day it got worse and Mr. Smith began to think but couldn’t help as there was no proper medical facilities in the village. Everyday Mrs. Smith felt weaker and one final day she screamed loudly; Ivy and her father rushed to the room but when they reached the screaming suddenly stopped and the whole house was silent. They checked her pulse and realized that she was no more. Ivy and Mr. Smith were in great depression. Months passed by, after the funeral Mr. Smith could not help seeing the little girl motherless. After days of thinking Mr. Smith decided to get married once again. A few weeks later everything was planned and ready and the marriage took place. Mr. Smith fell in love with and got married to a narrow chinned, small lipped, big eyed lady. The lady already had one of her own child named Paige….

A few days later, Paige and Ivy became good buddies and started to like each other. Surprisingly Ivy and her new mother Julia, got along well. Everybody was happy again, Ivy and Paige enjoyed growing up together but as they grew up Ivy became sweeter, prettier and kinder whereas Paige became grumpier, angrier and uglier. Due to this character of Paige, Ivy started to get most of the attention from her parents and everyone around. Seeing this, Paige was not too pleased. She slowly started to become jealous of her step sister and friend – IVY. Everyday Paige would wait for a little bit of attention but all she would see is a spoiled Ivy. She could no more think straight. She would always feel left out. One day she decided that she has had enough as she could not bare this unfair treatment or so is what she wanted to see and feel. Paige thought for days together. One day she went out for some fresh air, she heard a group of friends gossiping about a witch and her spells. She rushed to the village library hoping she would find something that will help her locate the witch.…

After hours of searching she found a book named The Skull Island of the SCARY WITCH. She found a map and took it home.

Paige woke up early the next morning and started to pack her bags just then her mother entered her room and asked where she was headed. Paige calmly replied and said she was going to one of her friends’ birthday party out of town. Her mother refused but Paige cared less. Paige felt bad but she knew all this was going to change soon. She was nervous but never felt surer. She faced terrifying trolls, weird wizards, gigantic giants, fearless fairies, mortified monsters, horrible hamsters, loud lions and horrifying horses. After all of these magical hurdles she reached the dead skull island where witch lived…

Welcome my dear Paige. How does she know my name Paige thought to herself? She goes in a little closer and saw the witch mixing a big bowl of steaming potions. This one is for you my dear. ‘But how do you know my name and how do you know what I want’?, Paige blurted out in nervousness. As the witch turned toward Paige; she had wrinkles all over her face, small lips and squint eyes. She was not scary even though she was a witch. Don’t say anything my dear and take this potion, it will solve all your problems. After all it has a few things like a lizards’ tail, an alligator’s tooth, pigs’ tongue and a tigers’ claw. Paige thanked the witch and left for home.

Paige was home after a long tiring and exhausting day but she could not wait to try the potion. Julia had been worried for her daughter and was happy that Paige was back home safe. She went up to her and comforted her. Paige got an opportunity and tried the potion, it tasted horrible but she still had it. She heard a loud scream, it was Ivy! Yes. I think it worked. She went down excitedly to check what was happening and saw Ivy had wrinkles on her face and her hair turning into grey.

Oh no! what’s happening to Ivy , Julia cried. She told Paige how worried was her sister about her absence and hadn’t eaten the whole day. Hearing this Paige felt horrible and she remembered what the witch had told. In case you wish to go undo the affect of the potion she must drop it on the floor twice and all will be back to normal. She went up and did as she was told. Slowly Ivy was turning back to normal. Looking at Ivy come back to herself, Paige felt happy and guilty of her deeds at the same time. She went up to her and hugged her sister Ivy as tight as she could and promised her that she would never behave mean and grumpy anymore and admitted to her that she was jealous of Ivy and wanted all the love to herself.

Julia heard it all and decided to forgive Paige as she had realized her mistake. Mr Smith arrived home and asked what was happening.. all the three ladies looked at each other and started to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Written by : Iksha Polishetty
Grade 5, Hyderabad


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