Once, upon a time there lived a king named Joseph. He had three beautiful daughters not all the same age. King Joseph loved each one of them dearly. The eldest one’s name was Violet; the middle one’s name was Colette and the youngest one’s name was Nicky. But, one thing that the king could never find out was why the princesses needed a new dress every morning. The king announced that whoever could find out why the princesses needed a new dress every morning would be rewarded handsomely.

One day, a soldier came to the court to solve the king’s mystery. The king asked, “who are you, where did you come from and why are you here?’’, The soldier replied, “I am a soldier from the army to solve your mystery ‘’, The king said “ah, now I see. Are you confident enough that you think you will do it?’’, Since the soldier was smart enough to understand this question, he replied, “I am sure I will not disappoint you”. Saying so the smart soldier left the royal court. The king commanded his soldiers to get that smart man back. The soldier entered and asked the king “why did you call me again?’’, The king replied, “I want you to sleep in the princesses’ room tonight’’, “OK then’’, said the soldier. That night as promised he slept in the princesses’ room.

After, some time he heard the eldest one say, ”he is fast asleep sisters lets go’’, Curious, the soldier decided to follow them. The soldier was no ordinary soldier he had magical powers, so he quickly turned himself invisible and started to follow them. After, some time they reached the middle of the town where there was a big boulder of the king. The eldest one stomped her feet 3 times and a secret stair case revealed itself. They quickly made their way down the stair case. As soon as they were down, the stair case closed.

After walking a little further down they reached a magical land where the trees were very colorful. In the center of that land was a large starfruit which would glow every day and night. The starfruit was a portal leading to a different place. They made their way into the portal. After some time, they reached a different land. In that land, the trees were the color of their fruit. The soldier was perplexed on seeing this magical land. There were three trees in the middle of the land. On each tree was a small tree house. In each tree house there was a secret pet waiting for them. And the trees trunk was very rough, so while trying to climb the tree the princesses would end up tearing and ripping their clothes. In each tree house each of the princesses’ secret pet would be waiting for them.

The soldier was amazed and he quickly ran back so that no one could see him. The next day the soldier told the whole story to the king. The king summoned his daughters and asked them if all this was true. They said, “yes, we thought you would berate us hence we never revealed about our adventure to you.” The soldier was rewarded, and the princesses promised to never do this again.


– Sharanya, 8 years old


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