I am the stepmom of Cinderella,
No one knows my fairy tale
Or how it was harmed by a male.
I was harmed by a beast
Who did not care least.
When I was young and naive
My uncle dug my grave.
As he abused me and my soul
Guess I lost will to live or find my goal.
I carried the guilt and shame
Throughout life and started a game.
A game to hurt one and all.
This game finally led to my fall.
I was not a fairy
And had a game plan to vary.
I was a beast
And I cared the very least.
This is my #Metoo story
It’s not my golden glory.
No one asked my version ever,
But I need to settle it forever.
Always be bold and strong,
Life is not a fable or a song.
Now I can rest in peace
God bless you all and I am in a truce.
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