I have grown up loving Disney just like any other kid, but most of the kids grow out of it, I never did. Even today I watch Disney movies if I am confused about something and want some answers. My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast because it taught me two very important lessons- one, what a person is on the outside should not matter and two, with love we can change even the rudest and most broken people.

However, here I don’t wish to talk about Belle and the Beast because at the end everything played out fine for them. Instead, I’d like to talk about Abby Mallard from Chicken Little.

Chicken Little is a Disney movie about a chicken and a duck, Abby, who is his best friend and who also has a crush on our dear Chicken Little. Abby unfortunately is not ‘good looking’ as per the society stigmas and hence is named ‘ugly duckling’. Even though Abby has an optimist approach to life and is a super supportive best friend, what bothers me about her character is that how Abby’s character is all about supporting Chicken Little.

I will admit here that I am not beautiful according to the societal stigmas just like our Abby, but, once I started taking little steps towards realizing who I was, I accepted myself and also loved myself the way I was. When I see Abby, that little one is so mature, she always has the best advise and she is a total bad ass too but when I see Abby hiding her feelings from Chicken Little, I cant help but wonder that what makes her feel so scared.

The only safe conclusion I can make here is that it is because she is not confident about herself.

If I am to re-write Chicken Little, I would add confidence to Abby’s character so that she can be an inspiration to all women who aren’t ‘good looking’ as per the norms. As optimist and as bad ass she is, she also deserves confidence enough to not cry or withdraw herself when Chicken Little acts like a jerk. I would re-form Abby’s characters with same flaws, with the same buck teeth but with a confidence demeanor – because it’s not about the mean replies you can give to others but about how you can actually convince yourself to be love who you are and let the world know exactly that!

In case you haven’t watched Chicken Little, you should because it teaches you how to not give up and that ‘today is a new day’.

Also, to all the women reading this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.



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