This is my debut blog and I am writing it as a tribute to my mother on her 11th death anniversary. As long as your mother is alive you are a girl no matter what your age is and you suddenly turn into women when her loving hands are not there on your head.

Whatever little I achieved in my life I attribute it to my parents. My mother was a serious task master and used to give me severe punishments for not matching her occasionally unrealistic standards but now when I look back, probably that is what made me reach where I am today.

She taught me to be simple and down to earth. She emphasized on the importance of financial independence for women. She said that in this patriarchal society a woman who is mentally, physically and financially fit is indomitable. She had great interpersonal skills and was very empathetic in nature. She never stopped being a mother…not just to me but to everyone she knew.

Love you Mummy…I bow to you and pray to God to make me your daughter in my next birth as well.


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  • Kratika shrivastava

    I love you so much my elder sister,i m so lucky to have a sister like u, u teach us how to deal with situations .u r d best example of independent women ..with all love ..

  • Gauri

    I am really proud of you. And I sometimes miss Aunty too much. As you said she was truly remarkable.


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