I am a seventy year old (young) woman leading a retired life having spent about forty years of my life as an educator. After serving as a lecturer for thirty years and as Principal for four years, I retired in 2005. Not actively involved in any regular job, I enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren now-a-days. Watching the grandchildren growing up, observing their various antics and noticing their struggles with different learning processes is in itself a bonanza that I am relishing these days.

During all this, whenever l feel very strongly about something, the urge to write surfaces. Hence, not a regular writer, I write only when there is an irresistible inner call. I keep on scribbling randomly in my diary. Recently while going through the pages of my diary I felt another urge,“why not compile all these scattered moods and notes together.” And now I am trying to string together the disjointed pieces. When not doing all of this, I love solving crosswords and Sudoku!


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